Monster Magnet

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For the band's 11th album, the first in five years, MONSTER MAGNET gets back to its roots by wringing out some old-school grit rock. By mere title alone, "Mindfucker" is designed to get your attention, as if the year is 1985 instead of 2018 and the band is begging to make the Filthy Fifteen. Filthy this album is, but not always for its lyrical content. If Mariano Rivera's cut-fastball draws accolades of "filthy" from MLB broadcasters, then consider MONSTER MAGNET's rude riffing and heavy beats on "Mindfucker" likewise filthy. There's megaton influence from what Chris Kosnik and Bob Pantella have been doing in THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX—one of the greatest bands on the planet—within the pure rock glory of "Rocket Freak". This jam checks its pulse on the first note and hurriedly spikes it to full throb. Dave Wyndorf's naturally enjoying the chance to cut loose vocally with his, Garrett Sweeny and Phil Caivano's gristly guitars wailing all around him. Chris Kosnik knocks the hell out of the bass line to "Soul", maintaining a potent thrust with Bob Pantella, driving with the slippery, if precise, force of a motor-powered dildo. When "Soul" reaches its ground-out climax, stand ready to duck. There's plenty more amplifier fog seeping through the banged-out title cut. (

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