Dead Lord

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My summer quest for scrumptious retro metal is almost at an end. It has taken me far and wide, usually with poor, and at best middling, results. It has been a quest of dissatisfaction, to the point where I will soon be turning my nose at any retro promo that is pushed under my prison door at AMG Headquarters. My last kick at the cat will be the latest from this group of miscreants who call themselves Dead Lord. In Ignorance We Trust is the Swedish outfit’s third release, and when the promo yearns for the heyday of Thin Lizzy, features songwriting influenced by LSD, hopelessness, and drunk nights in the studio, and mocks man-buns, I’ll take a stab at it. I mean, what can possibly go wrong?

Selected albums
Album Date Link
Goodbye Repentance 2013 voir album
Heads Held High 2015 voir album
In Ignorance We Trust 2017 voir album
Don't Give A Damn